things kept in shadow

19 dec 2019

True facts are hidden ~ instead mass media is abundant in lies like "chaos", "cern particle accelerator" meant to hide each some true facts: for ex. under chaos one can do whatever one likes!As for the second issue: the natural cycles of plants, the growing of beings is indeed faster... but that doesn't happen without a real controll (actually is perfectly controlled) and that warm and growing give bigger profits to the giants of the domains....for common people a lie like "uncontrolled cern side effects" works great! As well as in Romania, the lack of snow in the south will work great in summer when a epidemy is going to happen! Uncontrolled of course!

RRecently~~~ I watched a series "the Handmaid's tale" ~~~ as well as a day ago (meaning dec. 2019) I saw an international political meeting where one of the most important prime ladies was dressed exactly like the green ladies (same boring pattern) with a different colour...what I wonder is: was she not aware of that movie? It's quite famous and I doubt that nobody informed her about the resemblance...is the future going to be a dictatorship in one way or another? That movie is all about sexual frustration...OMG...if that is the future dictatorship, then this is the worst of all dictatorships from entire menkind history!

Obviously only the ones with a good English vocabulary can read my stuff...which I can translate easily into German (I can say about me that finding synonyms in those 2 languages is an easy task for me; I speak them native as I speak Romanian above a teacher level, I speak in romanian dialects and old language too)...actually literature for me is like an art...in paints one can use any shade...so can one in literature!

I hope some with brains from the leadership of UE will browse this site!
Since a lot of customers using developed countries west european or american numbers have called me! They use a lousy English; they have a lousy brain.... they are totally depressing from the 1-st minute! If you aren't going to educate them into your culture, either you are as poor as them and they are going to assimilate you! And I am sure that G.B.Shaw or Goethe will hunt you from their graves, as well as in my own country Eminescu, C. Petrescu and the rest....which wrote memorable pieces of art, shaping a wonderfull language form...languages now !!!FUCKED!!!! by those trashes!!!! How can you sleep overnight ? Is enough for you to have something to eat and dress? Pitty those!


In Romania it's a "total capitalismus" ; one can have a business when it's advertised...for advert one needs money...for money one needs humiliating a lot! If one works in a small romanian company can feel the compromises they did to achieve.... not wealth..:)), but some loans into the europeans banks residing in Romania as well! In order to work in a foreign company one needs to do a lot of sex services! In order to work in a state company (state is already gone), one need to be married with a piece of shit!
Well ...many words can be written here, but pretty sure nobody is reading...

12 may 2020

Looks I am correct! Now we got to fuck to a walk in nature...a guy requesting this is also full of diseases and he does NOT use condoms; police is outside his house to fire the escort if he is not content with services; now is the ERA of damnation people...but I am pretty sure that it won't last long! Apart from the movie where the actors were not that bad looking, imagine that in romania all scourge from Europe come to get sex for free using the "emergency law?!" Women here right now HAVE NO RIGHTS! Prostitution is highly promoted ...any businessman coming from outside is guaranteed from government lots of whores!
Do you imagine we are going to bear children under those circumstances? We are going to become a scourge like Y: begging arabs to mate us@!
fuck you! you will be lost as nation because of your bad habbits! live those with BELIEFS! In muslim countries women have more rights then here! at least they do not fuck each time they go out with a different guy, neither do they pay penalties! Arabs win this you UE piece of shits!@

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