a date with me

behaviour issues

People calling an escort are usually rude, very bad-English speakers, bad mannered.....their mistake is that they do not make a difference between us; some of us had lacked the self-esteem and can be treated anyway,but some DID NOT; I can play a stupid dumb blonde of course, but that will double triple the gift!
When you want to book me, in order to have the smallest fee, just be normal, short:

YOU: "Hi, are you available?"
ME: "Hi, I am everyday, but appointments must be made only after 19pm, because I answer handy only after 19 PM till 5 AM"
YOU: Can you visit me next location?"
ME: "Yes, give me 40min - 1 hour; taxi fee is compulsory, no matter I spend 1 minute or 1 hour with you!"
YOU: "Can you wear this lingerie or cloth?"
ME: I have all types, less domina"
YOU: "Can I have a massage/dinner/club entertaiment too?"
ME: "Yes, I am a social girl too!"
do not ask:
Your first question should never be "Price!"; neither services (you can ask for decent services like above)! I like to offer what comes in that moment, I do not like to pretend! Also some might call to make fun on the handy..I can say that in one minute and I close; whoever intends to date me doesnt put more then 2-3 normal questions!
Of course things can develop into the most wildest fantasies, but that cannot be predicted on the handy, neither in the 1-st hour! I do not teach you how to behave, as I said, bad behaviour costs much more!

Please do not try to sound offensive, evil, contradictory...and please, when your English is not good, try at least to agreee with all terms, because your bad English can be a big problem for me, I like to communicate with you.... I can overpass bad English when I sense you are a good person!

About me

I do not specify here exactly what I am doing..I have finished the college last year, then I start working, also now I work, then I take classes on hot issues usefull to increases my worker' skills; in office I have an impeccable cloth, as requested by management. I pay attention to details, I do translations, first level booking and other easy tasks; I intend to change the domain, I like variety! I know that I can afford to change any job, because I am a sharp mind; escort job is entertaiment for me, for sure I am not addicted to this or any other thing

One of my hobbies is creating patterns in different domains, for ex.: human patterns too; I think psychology is a bit overdue, trying to predict all kinds of behaviours and a person future action; I am in contact with a lot of other people, from the poorest to the richest; I watch the decaying of some (decay for me means to change from a one GOOD to an evil one), I love to discover new genies among our romanians, I have great respect for those having better skills then me in the domains I am interested, and I havent listed anything here that really interests me, because mistery is an advantage of a person!

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hide & seek

.... playing "hide & seek", other games ... ...big-ass women survivals in a jungle of dicks....., . nothing real still very penetrative!

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live the moment! live now!